Friday, December 1, 2017

Space-Rover: Out and About on Planet Earth

Space-Rover and the Prickly Planet, the second book in the series, has been mailed to supporters of the Kickstarter project and I'm starting to hear back from those who have received their copies! Part of the fun of Kickstarter projects is creating the rewards that go to backers. The images seen here are some of the sketch cards that were produced as inserts for backers. Blue pencil and brush pen ink on bristol sketch cards. I enjoy drawing these and admit that they often prompt ideas for new adventures and future books.

Some backers also receive the exclusive mini coloring book with additional sketch card pages. Others requested custom caricatures of themselves, drawn in my Vertically Challenged Artwork format.

If you missed the project, you can order the books via Amazon and have them in a few days!
Book 1: The Fantastic Adventures of Space-Rover!
Book 2: Space-Rover and the Prickly Planet!

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