Monday, October 19, 2020

I Took My Pen to the Pumpkin Patch - (Review: Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Cognac - Galen Leather Edition)

  I have wanted to review a Galen Leather product for quite awhile now. By which I mean, I have wanted to own and enjoy a Galen Leather product for quite awhile and share the experience with others. Their Writing Box and Medic Bag are higher-dollar items that I've constantly looked at, and I hope to own one or both of these at some point. But the newest product from Galen that prompted an instant purchase is the collaboration between Galen Leather and Kaweco. The new Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Cognac - Galen Leather Edition

A few weeks ago, someone in the online pen community mentioned this collaboration, and I thought it was wishful thinking. They were discussing collaborations in general, and didn't mention this pen. But they did specify a Galen Leather x Kaweco collaboration, and I thought, "I can't wait for that 
to happen!" Turns out I didn't have to wait at all. This pen was already made and I ordered it as soon as I found out.

The color got me. I fall for the colors of Fall every time, and any pen with amber colors gets my attention, and usually my money. The Kaweco Galen Cognac edition makes me think of pumpkins, apple cider, and the colors of my favorite season. So, last weekend when my family headed out to our local pumpkin patch, Baldwin Farms, I took my new pen along for the ride.

Kaweco x Galen Cognac, Nock Co. Fodderstack, Story Co. Notebook, and Baldwin Farms Pumpkin

(Kaweco x Galen Leather Cognac Edition, Nock Co. Fodderstack, Story Supply Co. Notebook, and Baldwin Farms Pumpkin)

The pen writes smoothly and consistently, as expected from Kaweco. Kaweco continues to be one of my favorite pens, and this collaboration only serves to boost my appreciation of them even more. You may be less familiar with Galen Leather Co. This family-owned business based in Turkey excels in customer service. Their products are beautiful, and they stand behind them. At the time of my pen order, I received confirmation and personalized follow-up, and the same after my order was shipped and received. 

Galen clearly cares about their customers and works to make sure the purchasing process is smooth. It was. This was my first pen order requiring customs paperwork and it went through without a hitch. Galen also included some extras with my purchase and the branded drawstring bag and postcards help enhance the great presentation of the company and its products. 
Check out the Galen Leather Co. products at
The site is a gorgeous display of the leather and woodworking prowess of the company. Every image on there is what I want my desk and Study to look like.

(Galen Leather Co. Goodies and Extras)

(I purchased this product with my own funds from Galen Leather Co.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

CASA Superhero Run, September 2020

It's always a pleasure providing artwork for the annual CASA Superhero Run and the vital work they do. This year's commission included a request to feature horses since the Run was happening the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby.

Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen Review

 One of my hobbies is fountain pens. Over the course of almost three years, I've acquired a decent collection, and they are a daily tool for much of what I do as a pastor and author. I use them for all of my personal writing, study, and sermon notes, and for some sketching and illustration. The Platinum Curidas - a new retractable fountain pen - is a recent addition and this is my quick review of a pen that's quickly becoming a favorite.

Nib: Fine, stainless steel.
Ink: Platinum cartridge black
Barrel Color: Gran Red

The Mechanism: Mesmerizing, retractable, clicky pen goodness. 
The Nock: Excellent acoustics. Like a Parker Jotter with Bose speakers hooked up to it. 


Multi-Step Take-down Pen: You won't ink up this pen with the quick load of a cartridge.'s a really cool disassembly and reassembly process. Definitely part of the uniqueness of the Curidas. Akin to assembling Cold War era spy gear. I mean this in the best of ways. Hardware twists and clicks together like you're assembling a covert mini-rifle out of watch components and parts from your stealth camera. 

Inked: It seemed to be a slow starter. I'm not sure if that was more of a cartridge issue, or something related to the feed. But once the ink starts flowing, it smooths out and writes really well. This is my first Platinum pen, and I veered from my traditional Medium nib and went with Fine instead. This nib can handle tiny and precision lines like a needle-point pen.
Between the spy-tech gear and the really fine nib, I'm ready to write secret messages to fellow agents. I just won't be sneaking up on anyone. 


Summary: It's a new favorite in my fountain pen arsenal. It has been in daily use. The mechanics, design, and nib quality are all excellent. I can see why Platinum hyped and marketed this pen the way they did; clearly they knew they were into something good. It's a great pen I think you'll enjoy using frequently. Many people have expressed concern about the clip and the protrusion that holds it. For my standard grip, it was never in the way and was very comfortable when writing.

Purchasing: Pen Chalet, where I bought my Curidas, currently has all the colors and nib sizes available. I've seen it arriving at some other favorite vendors, too. I was fortunate to put in my pre-order in January, before the hype increased even more, and I got the pre-order pricing that provided a good discount and deal. 

I purchased my Curidas from Pen Chalet with my own funds. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the seller.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

CASA Superhero Run, Lexington, KY - T-Shirt and Award Artwork

The CASA Superhero Run is a tremendous annual event organized by a great group of people - the superheroes of CASA of Lexington. I'm honored each year to provide vertically challenged artwork for the event, for shirts, promotions, and awards. I didn't share the artwork before the event this year, but here it is now. As always, I enjoyed working on this event!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ink Review: Red Beans and Rice by Papier Plume

This is my first ink review, so bear with me. I thought I would wait until I could take better photos, write more with the ink, etc. But my schedule will not permit it right now, and I wanted to give a review and recommendation of this ink and its parent company.

I haven't seen many reviews of Papier Plume inks on the fountain pen and writing blogs I read most often. I hope this changes and we get to see more experienced ink reviewers giving these inks the attention they deserve. I was excited about the Papier Plume "New Orleans Collection" selection the moment I came across them. Admittedly I was drawn to the bottles because of the great looking wax-sealed lids and the New Orleans themes. As a kid who grew up in Louisiana eating red beans and rice, I knew that namesake ink would be my first purchase.
My ink came packaged with the shipping box bearing a matching wax seal to the logo that adorns the bottle. Inside, it was well protected with bubble wrap, and only a few tiny pieces of the wax seal had broken off.

The ink is an excellent color that certainly looks like its namesake beans-and-rice red with hues ranging from maroon to light purple and pink. It looks great contrasted on bright white paper, and on the white pages of my Passion Planner (pictured here) and Field Notes (not pictured). For this review and ink test I used the Twsbi Eco stub nib. I think it helped show some shading and may also account for the 30- second dry time, with the stub nib laying down more ink than the standard medium or fine nib of my other pens.

I recommend this ink and the company for excellent service, fast shipping, and quality of product. I purchased this ink with my own funds and provide this review without any input from Papier Plume. I plan to try their other inks in the New Orleans collection, which include: Street Car Green, Calle Real, Sazerac, Mardi Gras Indians Purple, Garden District Azalea, and Bayou Nightfall. Check them out at:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Space-Rover Rewards Complete this Week!

 The Library Builder Level included one of every book I've written and illustrated. Not pictured here but included: Eleven Chickens in a Boat! As always, I enjoyed creating the rewards, including sketch cards, paintings, custom illustrations, and the Space-Rover mini coloring book. This week, Space-Rover lands in the hands of readers around the world.

From left to right: Space-Rover book 1 and 2, Vertically Challenged: A Tall Tale of a Short Story, Ramone Cologne: A Skunk's Tale, Ramone Cologne: Skunklock Holmes, Ramone Cologne: This Skunk, This Hamster, Ramone Cologne.

I Took My Pen to the Pumpkin Patch - (Review: Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Cognac - Galen Leather Edition)

  I have wanted to review a Galen Leather product for quite awhile now. By which I mean, I have wanted to own and enjoy a Galen Leather prod...