Friday, February 23, 2018

Ink Review: Red Beans and Rice by Papier Plume

This is my first ink review, so bear with me. I thought I would wait until I could take better photos, write more with the ink, etc. But my schedule will not permit it right now, and I wanted to give a review and recommendation of this ink and its parent company.

I haven't seen many reviews of Papier Plume inks on the fountain pen and writing blogs I read most often. I hope this changes and we get to see more experienced ink reviewers giving these inks the attention they deserve. I was excited about the Papier Plume "New Orleans Collection" selection the moment I came across them. Admittedly I was drawn to the bottles because of the great looking wax-sealed lids and the New Orleans themes. As a kid who grew up in Louisiana eating red beans and rice, I knew that namesake ink would be my first purchase.
My ink came packaged with the shipping box bearing a matching wax seal to the logo that adorns the bottle. Inside, it was well protected with bubble wrap, and only a few tiny pieces of the wax seal had broken off.

The ink is an excellent color that certainly looks like its namesake beans-and-rice red with hues ranging from maroon to light purple and pink. It looks great contrasted on bright white paper, and on the white pages of my Passion Planner (pictured here) and Field Notes (not pictured). For this review and ink test I used the Twsbi Eco stub nib. I think it helped show some shading and may also account for the 30- second dry time, with the stub nib laying down more ink than the standard medium or fine nib of my other pens.

I recommend this ink and the company for excellent service, fast shipping, and quality of product. I purchased this ink with my own funds and provide this review without any input from Papier Plume. I plan to try their other inks in the New Orleans collection, which include: Street Car Green, Calle Real, Sazerac, Mardi Gras Indians Purple, Garden District Azalea, and Bayou Nightfall. Check them out at:

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