Monday, October 26, 2015

Kokomo Con 2015

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Vertically Challenged Artwork booth this year for new paintings of your favorite characters! I enjoyed meeting new fans and seeing old friends from previous years at Kokomo Con. Thanks for picking up copies of the Vertically Challenged comic book and my new collaborative book Frank Jordan: Evil Snowman (with author John Cosper)! It was so much fun to introduce the Vertically Challenged comic to new readers and to see people's reactions to the unique format of the book.
"Kokomo Con continues to be one of my favorite conventions each year. Shawn Hilton, Austin Meissnest, and Crew are dedicated to indy creators, artists, and fans, and it shows throughout the convention." 
I enjoy making the trip and reuniting with friends, fellow creators and fans. There's always a great vibe at this show and it's obvious that attendees are enjoying the event. Kokomo Con was the first convention I set up at as an artist and creator when Ramone Cologne's first book came out in 2010. I love this show and the support it has from the organizers and fans who return every year.

From a creator's point of view, Kokomo Con offers an amazing amount of booth and table space. I attend about a dozen conventions a year, and Kokomo Con has amazing space and rates for creators. It's great to have so much room to display artwork and books and not feel like you're crowding your neighbors. 

Speaking of neighbors: my neighbor at this year's con was Thunderous Arts, home of the super-talented painter Tabitha Ashley (on Twitter @ThunderousArts). Check out the amazing artwork she paints on vinyl records. I met Tabitha at last year's convention, and this year it was great to be next to her and see so many people enjoying her paintings. I will be commissioning some work from her and once you see her records, you probably will too. Check out her art on facebook at 

Ramone Cologne, and his biographer Rick McGee, made their first appearance at Kokomo Con in 2010.

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